Video is a great way to show people what we really do. Start with the overview video for a general look at what we do here at Circus Orange. After that work through the specific videos for each show or service that we offer. We update the content in these videos and add new ones regularly so be sure to check back and look for changes.

This is the material you would receive on DVD if you asked us to mail you a promotional package.

Check out our YouTube Channel for more links to specific shows and audience created content as well.

Circus Orange Promotional Video

This is our overview promo video showing all the amazing things we do here.

Fire Jammers Trailer

Discovery Channel followed Circus Orange as we designed, built, tested and
implemented the Jump Jet Spectacle Show.


Spectacle Show Videos


This is our feature full length show. A large-scale outdoor processional street theatre production incorporating live music, clown, aerial, dance, fireworks and, of course, a massive tricycle. Perfect for large outdoor festivals and events.

The Aviator

This is a longer, more theatrical stage and crane based aerial production revolving around our main character 'The Aviator'. A journey through space and time on the wings or in the mind of a loveable mad man. Perfect for outdoor art, street and theatrical festivals.

JumpJet MKII

This is a short, spectacular crane based aerial production involving a large jet that flies high into the night sky. The Jet becomes a platform for all manner of aerial performance and pyrotechnic wonders. Perfect for large outdoor festivals and events or in combination with one of our fireworks shows.

Circus Spectacle

This is an indoor or outdoor stage based show incorporating circus arts, dance, theatre, aerial and pyrotechnics to fastastic effect. Perfect for indoor or outdoor festivals or corporate venues.


Event Videos

Supercrawl 2013

Supercrawl 2013 in downtown Hamilton was bigger and more explosive than ever! We took over the intersection of James St. and Wilson St. to rig up our fiery pyro-copter complete with dangling performers and massive special effects pyro. Add to that our pyro bagpiper, some Mad Max stilt walkers, and some trampolinists narrowly escaping the flame throwers and audiences were wowed by our Circus of Fire!

Rochester Fringe 2014

Here is a short video showing the perspective from the rigging above our "human powered pyro wheel" that is the finale of our show entitled "Tricycle".

Supercrawl 2015

This is our Supercrawl​ 2015 show reel. This event is always a local favourite of ours, and despite the pouring rain delay we were eventually able to take to the stage and wow the crowds!