Pyro & SPFX

At Circus Orange the sky is no limit! With our years of experience we are able to integrate the appropriate effect or technology into your show to create a fully unified experience. Need something special built? We can custom fabricate just about any gag, effect or prop in our shop. If your setting is indoors, we can craft a virtually smoke-free proximate pyrotechnic show that will leave your audience completely amazed. Looking for a non-pyro option? We can also incorporate smoke machines, low smoke generators, CO2 Jets and all types of fluterfetti blowers into our performances.

Supercrawl 2013

Supercrawl 2013 in downtown Hamilton was bigger and more explosive than ever! We took over the intersection of James St. and Wilson St. to rig up our fiery pyro-copter complete with dangling performers and massive special effects pyro. Add to that our pyro bagpiper, some Mad Max stilt walkers, and some trampolinists narrowly escaping the flame throwers and audiences were wowed by our Circus of Fire!

Rochester Fringe 2014

Here is a short video showing the perspective from the rigging above our "human powered pyro wheel" that is the finale of our show entitled "Tricycle".

Supercrawl 2015

This is our Supercrawl​ 2015 show reel. This event is always a local favourite of ours, and despite the pouring rain delay we were eventually able to take to the stage and wow the crowds!



All our pyrotechnicians are top level Canadian Government certified and have a flawless safety record. We cary our own pyrotechnic specific insurance policy and are constantly testing our product and educating our technicians to increase safety. We work extensively in North America and abroad and enjoy strong partnerships with other companies to expand resources and keep costs down.

All our pyrotechnic shows are computer controlled for the highest degree of accuracy and safety. Our technicians are government certified and we maintain a strict training program to ensure the highest safety levels in the industry.

Circus Orange Inc. maintains comprehensive general liability insurance specific to our unique range of products and services.



Looking for a pyro or SPFX show all of it's own, without the performance element? We have rebranded our SPFX division, and are pleased to offer you a dedicated website for just those products and services. This division is Danger Boy! Your one-stop-shop for Stunts, Rigging & SPFX. We do it all, from stage pyro to touring shows to theatre productions and pyro for corporate events. We work on set and have a full range of movie pyro from bullet hits to car blow ups and everything in between.


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